4 Sustainability Tips for Business | R&S Logistics

Today’s customers are looking for businesses and services that are more “green” and sustainable. As a result, business owners must now learn how to attend to the triple bottom line. The triple bottom line refers to an accounting framework of three parts–social, environmental and financial. In other words, how will your business strategies benefit the people, the planet, and your profits? R&S Logistics specializes in questions like these, and we can help you develop effective strategies and a truly sustainable approach to your business.

Consider these tips as you develop more sustainable practices:

Two Kinds of Sustainability.
Sustainability today is on one hand all about going green, but on the other hand, it’s about creating happy customers. The two often go hand-in-hand these days as more customers are seeking customization and eco-friendly solutions. “Growing a sustainable business comes down to whether or not you can satisfy customers–even wow them–when they interact with you.”

Think Big.
Businesses today are making progressive goals for dramatic change. From transform their supply chain, reducing company emissions, and eliminate the waste your business makes. While it’s true that you may need to make small changes first, be sure to be bold in your high level goals.

Get Your Employees Engaged.
We don’t think any business can truly be successful in adopting better sustainability practices without effective employee engagement.Think about the ways you can get all employees involved when it comes to developing and implementing eco-friendly measures. Your employees need to feel connected to the company goals and also invested doing things with sustainability in mind. You might consider adding green development programs to your workplace culture.

Look at the Big Picture
The best green strategies are holistic in that they reach beyond your own business and also include your vendors, customers and any business partners. Keep in mind that they even extend beyond the US. You should also learn about the environmental standards of the organizations you work, to align goals wherever possible.

Looking for some specific ways to go green in the workplace? Read this.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level of sustainability? R&S Logistics is your local partner with the expertise you need to have on your side as you transition into a more eco friendly business. Visit our website to request your free quote and let us right for a solution for you!