There’s no doubt about it–the world is changing fast and the global supply chain is shifting in response. Retailers, manufacturers, shippers and logistics managers are all in a position of having to keep up to avoid being left behind. R&S Logistics is here to help you better understand where the chain is moving–and where you’ll want to be. Here are some of the big supply chain trends to watch in 2018: Automation to address labor shortages. Read on →

New year’s resolutions aren’t just about personal health and fitness. Your business needs new goals for a successful new year, too! As we get into 2018, R&S Logistics wants to encourage you to set new resolutions for your e-commerce company. Here are a few ideas to get you moving on the right track. Make sure you’ve got the right partners on your side. First things first. You need a partner on your side who understands all of your logistics needs. Read on →

A majority of retailers today are now also e-mail commerce companies whether full or in part. As a result, shipping has become a major expense. R&S Logistics wants to partner with you to discover the best cost-cutting options for your business. Regardless of the size or weight of the product sold, customers today expect easy, low-cost (or free) shipping–sometimes even internationally. As a result, shipping can easily account for 25% of a company’s total costs. Read on →

Here at R&S Logistics, we are proud to be a true 3PL partner. That’s why we offer a full menu of services, including “value-added” logistics. What are value-added logistics services? Simply put, value-added services are customized to your particular business needs, granting a competitive edge. Consider just some of the ways value-added logistic services can benefit your business: Sell more products. Give your customers more buying options by expanding your product offerings–like gift baskets, variety packages and twin-packs. Read on →

It’s no secret that online shoppers love free shipping. Online retailers may not love it so much. R&S Logistics has some tips to help your business get through the holidays with a free shipping strategy that works. Click here to discover how customers became so obsessed with free shipping. First and foremost, look at the shipping rates you currently pay. Businesses which handle their own order fulfillment and shipping often pay too much. Read on →

As we barrel into the holiday season, have you considered the effect of the holidays upon your global supply chain? The truth is that every business depends on a supply chain in one way or another. Every business has the need for goods which frequently must come from across the country, or even the globe. R&S Logistics is well-versed and experienced in the modern challenges businesses face during the fall and winter holidays. Read on →

Today’s customers are looking for businesses and services that are more “green” and sustainable. As a result, business owners must now learn how to attend to the triple bottom line. The triple bottom line refers to an accounting framework of three parts–social, environmental and financial. In other words, how will your business strategies benefit the people, the planet, and your profits? R&S Logistics specializes in questions like these, and we can help you develop effective strategies and a truly sustainable approach to your business. Read on →

Black Friday is quickly approaching. If you run a retail business, now is the time to make a plan to ensure your success. R&S Logistics has the tips you need to get ahead for the holiday season. Make an early game plan to offer your customers enticing deals for their Black Friday shopping. You’ll need a strategy to communicate the specials with your target customers. An omnichannel marketing campaign which combines digital and print advertisements is especially effective to bring in more customers. Read on →

Running a successful business today depends upon a strong supply chain strategy. If you’ve been overlooking your strategy, it’s time to change that. You don’t have to be an expert yourself, but you certainly need an expert partner. Luckily for you, R&S Logistics is that 3PL partner you need for an effective strategy. Why does a strong supply chain strategy matter? A well-designed supply chain strategy is key in achieving your business goals and commercial success. Read on →

If you are operating a business that relies on the shipment of perishable food stuffs, you’ll need a logistics plan you can count on. Even better, you’ll need a third-party logistics partner who can handle your particular needs. The experts at R&S Logistics have a few considerations for you as you look for a provider who can fulfill your refrigerated or other temperature-sensitive transport needs. When shipping, sourcing, or warehousing perishable foods, keeping a consistent temperature matters. Read on →